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Assignments - Biology I Honors(Archived)
Biology Honors
Due Date: 9/27/2013
Subject: Biology I Honors

Week of Sept. 8 2014

Monday: Practice determining Independent and Dependent Variables in an experiement. Review accuracy vs. precision. Begin Sranches of Science Powerpoint

Tuesday: Matching game: Branches of science; fill in blanks of Unit 1 vocabulary words

Wednesday: Quiz Unit 1 vocabulary; practice matching and sequencing scientific method

Thursday: Root 1 quiz; M & M lab

Friday: Quiz: Branches of Science and Scientific Method

Complete M & M lab





Tuesday: Scientific Method PPT; create flow chart

Wednesday: Identify parts of an experiment PRACTICE 

Thursday: Complete Scientific Method Poster; collaborate on given scenario, identify parts of the experiment

Friday: Present scenario to class.  Describe the problem and how the scientific method was used.