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Info and Notices 

Dear Parents/Students:

The following information is supplemental to the information contained in the course syllabus, which can also be downloaded from this webpage.



My availability for conferencing and make-up work can be limited due to outside obligations (ie daycare, after school duties, etc); therefore, I require that students be respectful of my time and be punctual to meetings that have been arranged after school. Missed appointments for make-up work will not be made up; special allowances will not be made for missed help or tutoring sessions.


Here I will address various classroom issues that I have learned in my teaching experience will likely need to be addressed at stome time during the school year.

PREPAREDNESS - All students are expected to bring their own writing supplies and utensils. I do have items for students' use as needed, however this generosity will not be abused. If students habitually take advantage of what I have provided, disciplinary action could be taken.

CELL PHONES - I understand that cell phones are rapidly becoming an extension of ourselves; my attachment to my device is similar to that of most teenagers. With that being said, I do not have tolerance for cell phones (or ipods or ipads, etc) becomind a distraction from classwork. I will take up cell phones from ALL students upong entering the classroom; they will be returned upon leaving. While students will not be forced to turn over their phone, any instance of a visible cell will be considered disobedience and defiance of the instructor and will be punished with a discipline referral.

DISRUPTION - When dealing with teenagers in a closed environment, disruption will inevitably occur. While I do not like a totally silent classroom, I do ask that my students are orderly and respectful to themselves and others. While I cannot force you to put forth maximum effort in your tasks, I absolutely will not tolerate any student adversely affecting the learning environment of another. Disruptions that detract from my instruction, the learning of others, or the work of others will be dealt with harshly and immediately. Repeated problems will be met with escalating discipline, including parent conferences and administrative referrals.