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A very warm welcome to the world of  ESOL and foreign languages!

Would you like help with your language arts needs be they in ESOL, English, Spanish, French or Polish? Do you feel a burning desire to communicate orally or in writing in any one of these languages? Have you decided to master English like a native speaker, learn another language, pass every grade in school with the best grades possible,  be comfortable taking all academic tests at every grade level no matter how old you are, obtain your high school diploma or pass the GED test? Is it important to you to travel, to see the world, to expand your horizons, to meet people of different cultures, to appreciate their unique civilizations and modus operandi and to enrich your own life as a result? You have come to the right place and person!

I have much experience traveling the world and meeting people of different nationalities.  I was born in Poland, which I left at age four, lived in different parts of Germany for two years, lived in the French-speaking part of Belgium for six years, lived in French Canada (Montreal) for two years, and came to the United States at age fourteen, unable to speak a word of English.  I have also lived in Managua, Nicaragua, Central America, for one year where I taught at the American School full-time and at the French embassy part-time.  In addition to having resided in several countries, I have also traveled extensively.  As a result, I have much experience with people of many different cultures, and I love to help those who need to adapt to a new cultural environment which they call "home" through the process of acculturation and acclimatization. A widow, I came to South Carolina in 1997 to marry the "love of my life" who died in 2008.  I have a daughter who, after living in Manhattan for 20 years, moved to Hartford, CT, to study law,  relatives in Poland and in other countries, and friends from and in different parts of the world.

Welcome! Bienvenus! ¡Bienvenidos! Witamy!

I am ready to help you in whatever capacity you wish in the language(s) of your choice among those I speak, especially in mastering academic English, and I look forward to working with you.  If you need to speak with me privately, let's make an appointment as soon as possible at our mutual convenience, so that we can start working on your success and language improvement immediately.

Please visit this website often to keep up with what is going on. I will post all upcoming assignments, test dates,  study notes, and relevant ESOL information. You can use my contact page to email me anytime. Please check-out my classroom rules and important information I need to share with you. This is the one-stop shop to keep up with what we are doing!