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Class Expectations 

Classroom Expectations

English III Honors – 2017-2018 School Year

Instructor: Ms. Lawson


Objective : Students will develop and enhance skills in


*Reading         *Writing          *Listening        *Speaking


            English III Honors is designed for students who will seek a career requiring a college degree and who will take the Advanced Placement Exam at the end of senior year or enter the PACE program senior year. Rigorous reading and writing will be required on a daily basis and homework will be challenging. In order to do well, students will need to put forth an organized and original effort at all times. Students will also be encouraged to be flexible, develop respect for others, communicate confidently, and understand how to be lifelong learners. Be prepared to think outside the box.           A sense of humor will be required. Students who receive an A in this class will not just have completed all assignments; they will have gone ABOVE and BEYOND.



            *The normal things: pen, paper, pencil, binder, jump drive, sticky notes, highlighters.

            *You will be asked to purchase your own copies of the following novels: Bless Me Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya and The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Copies of other novels are provided, but you are welcome to purchase your own as well. Please have your copies of both novels by October 1st.

We will be working on annotation, so you will need hard copies, not digital.

Student Expectations:

*Students not seated when the bell rings will be marked tardy.

*Assignments are due AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS. Do not enter class and then ask me to print something!

            * Maintain eye-contact with instructor and practice good listening skills. Hands on desks.

            *Please keep backpacks out of aisles.

            *No headphones at any time.

            *Cell phones are turned in at the beginning of class. Failure to do so will be considered                               “Failure to Obey” and will be referred as such.


Expectations for Written Work:   *********************

         *Neatness and   presentation will count on all assignments

         *Hand in   assignments on neat notebook paper, without fuzzy edges.

         *Illegible papers   will not be graded.

         *Grammar,   mechanics, and spelling count on ALL assignments, workbook included

         *Essays and formal papers should be   word-processed.

         *12 point font.   Helvetica or Times New Roman. Black ink. Double space.

         *If a paper must be hand-written due to   unforeseen circumstances, blue or black

                     ink should be used, and lines should be   skipped.

         *Papers not   following correct format will not be graded.


The school-wide policy for late work will be adhered to strictly. Hand things in on time and save frustration.


Re-testing is allowed on a limited basis and follows “second chance” policy as outlined in student handbook.


C=average                                           B=above average                               A=SUPERIOR


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Second Chance Policy


In order to improve student learning and increase mastery of state objectives, students will have the opportunity to make up half of the points missed on a major assessment by correcting errors on the original assessment and/or re-taking an assessment. The highest possible score a student can receive is an 85. This is to be completed by a date and time set forth by the teacher and must be completed within the same nine week grading period.


From Ms. Lawson:

          Class time will not be used to accommodate re-takes. Please be aware that they will need to be done after school; you may need to rearrange activity or work schedules in order to do so. Academics take priority.