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Supply List 

Life Management 

Dividers for you binder 

Bottle Baby Supplies (Due date to be announced later, usually the start of November). Many of the items can be shared with another student in class. 

1- 2 liter soda bottle (EMPTY)

1- Pacifier

1- Outfit, Size small or 0-3 months. Many students get mittens, socks, hats, blankets that coordinate with the outfit.

1- 5" Styrofoam ball (Please make sure its 5" and try to get the white one instead of the green one as it is not as durable)

1- Pair adult pantyhose or tights (You may pick the color but please do not get knee highs)

Fiberfill (Pillow Stuffing) The bags can be shared among multiple students


Foods and Nutrition

Dividers for your binder 

Hair Ties- Hair must always be up when in kitchen labs (This is a sanitation issue)

Closed Toed Shoes- Must be worn when in the kitchen labs (This is a safety issue)


Dividers for your binder

1 starter sewing kit like the ones shown below. Please get one of these brands as they have all the tools you will need and are a good quality to last you through the year. These can be purchased online or at Walmart and KMart. They usually cost between $7 and $10.


Fabric for Tote Bag Project (Due Date TBA)

1/3 yard print fabric (center panel)-cotton or cotton blend 

1/2 yard solid fabric (out panels and lining)- cotton or cotton blend preferred

6 inches of cording (optional)

1 button- 1 inch or larger (optional)

Thread to match fabrics (make sure your thread says ALL PURPOSE)



Patchwork Pillow Fabric (Due Date TBA)

-1 ½ yards total of a cotton pattern

          You may choose more than one print for your pillow squares and a different print for your backing. So if you choose to use 3 different prints get ½ yard of each. If you choose two prints get 1 yard of the print you will use for your back and ½ of your squares and ½ yard for your other squares

-All-purpose thread to match fabric (make sure your thread says All-Purpose)