Amanda Crutchman Staff Photo

AP HUG Summer Project/AMSCO Book Info 

All summer sessions have met. Remember, SUMMER PRE UNIT VOCABULARY QUIZLET must be shared to EDMODO by August 29th at midnight. The SUMMER ATLAS PROJECT must be turned in HARD COPY to me, in CLASS, on August 30th. 


If you are enrolled in the course after August 8 (i.e. just transferred) and need the summer project, please email me at for details. 


If you were enrolled in the course prior to August 8 and did not show for a session nor contact me as to why you were not coming, you will receive your Summer Project the first day of class. You will not have an extension to complete it. 


DO NOT FORGET TO ORDER YOUR SUPPLEMENTAL TEXT!!!! Click here to order a copy of "Human Geography:Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination"