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Competitive Speech Calendar

Competitive Speech Calendar  

2017-2018 Speech Calendar

This is always subject to change, based upon the whimsy of hosting schools; do not be surprised at additions or subtractions. Not every student will attend every tournament, but do expect to attend the majority of tournaments. Please mark your calendars now, and avoid scheduling vacations and other commitments on these days. I understand that other school activities may interfere at times.   *=overnight tournament

*September 23rd (leave the 22nd): Riverside High School, Greer, SC (NIETOC BID)

            All varsity. Novices as chosen.

*October 21st (leave the 20th): Bob Jones Academy, Greenville, SC (NIETOC BID)

            FULL TEAM.

*November 11th (leave the 10th): Mauldin High School, Mauldin, SC (NIETOC BID)

            FULL TEAM.

*November 18th (leave the 17th): Asheville High School, Asheville, NC.

            To Be Discussed.

*December: LOOKING FOR TOURNAMENT. Possibilities include Northwest Guilford in Greensboro, or possibly George Mason University for the truly dedicated Varsity. Weekend would be either December 2nd or December 9th. You will be free for the later weekends in December.


*January 13th (leave the 12th): Hillcrest High School, Simpsonville, SC (NIETOC BID)

            FULL TEAM

January 27th: Berkeley High School, Moncks Corner, SC (NIETOC BID)


*February 3rd (leave the 2nd): Southside High School, Greenville (NIETOC)

            Only the truly dedicated

February 16th and 17th: Our Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Litchfield. We are a small team this year, so this will absolutely require THE ENTIRE TEAM.

*February 24th (leave 23rd): There are two North Carolina tournaments that are being considered. This would be for the truly dedicated who may be struggling for a last NIETOC bid or something . . . probably varsity, but who knows what the year may bring . . .


*March 2nd and 3rd: South Carolina Forensics Coaches State Tournament: location TBA

FULL TEAM. Yes, you will all be qualified.

*March 16th and 17th: South Carolina National Speech and Debate Association Qualifier. TBA

            Only the chosen few.

May, Some Weekend: NIETOC if anyone has qualified! More details later.


Keep in mind that both the Optimists Club contest and the Sons of the American Revolution contest will occur at some point in March/April. The local level contests are generally on a week day and they generally work with us. Dates will be provided as soon as I get them.


Our Facebook page is WHS COMPETITIVE SPEECH. Please join for regular updates.

Frequent emails are also sent to keep parents up-to-date on weekly speech activities


Coach Lawson’s Phone Number: 970-371-7721