Iris V Gonzalez S Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Spanish I CP, Spanish II CP, Spanish II Honors


I received my Bacherlor's degree in Education, majoring in English in 2001 and a Master's degree in Curriculum Development in 2013 from Universidad de Carabobo, Venezuela. I've taken several professional development training since I graduated.




I taught English as a Foreign Language for 15 years in public institutions in different levels in Venezuela. I also taught Spanish for 3 years in a public high school in Venezuela. Since last year, I have been teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Waccamaw High School.


I was born in Valencia, Venezuela. I came to US with the purpose of becoming an international teacher by working at the prestigious Waccamaw High School. I feel excited to be part of the school staff and to be able to share my knowledge and culture with my students and all the educational community. I'm also looking forward to learning and experiencing as much as possible about the US culture in order for me to gain the necessary educational tools to improve my teaching performance. There are tons of information that I'd love to share about my beautiful country.