Anna Maria Ford Staff Photo


Work experience: 

  • Native of Poland; resident of Germany, Belgium, Canada, Nicaragua, and United States (since 1954)
  • M. A. in French literature + 30 (specialist in English); state-certified in Michigan and South Carolina (English, French, Spanish, and ESOL)
  • Fluent in four languages:  English, French, Spanish, Polish
  • French/Spanish/English/ESL teaching experience of fifty-four years includes:  grades K-12, adult education, junior college, university, on-site in corporate world, distance learning  English composition class televised on national level (regional centers in seven different states for Chrysler’s UAW), consulting, teacher training, year teaching abroad (Nicaragua, Central America)
  • Active and contributing member of Michigan Department of Education Elementary and Secondary Content Literacy Committee (MDE) until 1997
  •  Active and contributing member South Carolina Department of Adult Education Task Forces (2006 – 2011):  High School Diploma and ESL
  • Certified scorer of writing-teacher performance for National Board for Professional Teaching Standards at its inception and of student-writing for the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) until 1997
  • National Board Certified Teacher since 2001 in Adolescence Young Adulthood English Language Arts (NBCT AYA/ELA); renewed in 2001, certificate expiring November 15, 2021
  • NBPTS Georgetown School District (SC) weekend retreat facilitator/presenter in AYA/ELA:  Dec. 2001
  • Global Career Development Facilitator (effective 2007), certificate GCDF 07859 from CCE (Center for Credentialing and Education, Inc., United States of America); renewed certificate in 2012 -- expiring in 2017
  • Teacher of the Year 2005–06 and 2009–10 at Howard Adult Center, Georgetown School District, SC
  • SC ADEPT TEAM evaluator: serving on various TEAMS in Georgetown County School District from 2004-2008
  • SCDE BEST Plus Test Administrator and Trainer of BEST PLUS Test Administrators for CAL (Center for Applied Linguistics in Washington, DC): 2007-2011
  • Well-traveled in Europe, Central, and South America
  • Biographical profile appears in various editions of Who is Who

 Special values and traits: 

  • Career educator, not measuring the hours needed to accomplish a task, deriving satisfaction from  a job well done whatever time required
  • Self-starter, hard worker, good organizer, and stickler for detail
  • Good inter-personal relationship with students, colleagues, administrators,k and staff at all levels
  • Project development and project management initiator, trainer of teachers
  • Dedicated, conscientious, and committed pedagogue


  • Communication and interpersonal skills:   editor of newsletter disseminated to all public school human resources and curriculum directors/assistant superintendents in Michigan; leadership experience; mentor; ADEPT TEAM evaluator in SC; independent contractor in corporate world in MI
  • Project supervision: developing a training program for teachers, students, school personnel, members of community involving implementation of the state assessment program on the elementary as well as secondary levels; principal executor of task of aligning departmental as well as district curriculum with core curriculum requirements in the area of language arts and foreign languages as mandated by the State of Michigan; independent contractor hired by school district to implement after-school foreign language program in four different middle schools
  • Financial management: in charge of and accountable for a high school departmental budget and materials, a district's foreign language program budget and materials, a district's distance learning program and materials, a district’s after-school foreign language program -- implementing it as an independent contractor
  • Personnel management: department head, trainer of teachers and of trainers, founder of own agency -- functioning as independent contractor/consultant for major public school district, retained to establish an extended-day foreign language program for its various schools, managing a staff of teachers independently hired for that purpose
  • Establishment of business education partnerships:  experienced with School-to-Work, the State and Federal Tech Prep initiative, with at least four years of experience with School-to-Work in Michigan on the elementary, middle school, and, most particularly, high school levels (very familiar with the concept and initiative of establishing business education partnerships and student work-based learning experience)