Alan Pritchard Staff Photo

M.L.I.S. Library and Information Science-University of South Carolin(1992)

B.S. Biology-University of South Carolina at Spartanburg(1986)


2001-present--Waccamaw High School

2000-2001--Carvers Bay High School

1995-2000--Choppee Middle and High School

1989-1995--Spartanburg County Public Library

1985-1992--School District Number Six (Substitute Teacher)



I am the Media Specialist at Waccamaw High School.  I have been working at WHS for 16 years and a total of 22 years for Georgetown County School District.  I'm originally from Spartanburg, South Carolina in the Upstate area of our state.  Most everyone who knows me knows that I enjoy country music.  I like to sing and play the guitar.  Whenever there is a talent show at school I like to try out my new songs on the audience.  I enjoy songwriting very much and the students seem to enjoy the songs that I wrote.  My parents encouraged me to sing and play since I was eight years old.  Since I was a youth I enjoyed aviation flying gasoline airplanes and model rockets, etc.  Presently I am flying model rockets, RC airplanes, and most anything that flies with our club at WHS called WASA.  I am the Advisor to WASA (Waccamaw Association of Space and Aviation) Club at Waccamaw High School.  WASA is an aviation club who has won numerous national awards for flying model rockets and we have enjoyed demonstrating them to scout troops, school classes, boys homes, etc.  WASA has participated with the Georgetown County Airport in the Young Eagles Program where pilots take our students up in a real airplane as an introduction to aviation.  There are so many great organizations, clubs, and programs students can get involved in at WHS or outside of school.  I want to encourage all students and parents to get involved with WHS and your community.