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Important Information Players:

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GCSD 2017 Sports Physical Packet

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Mission Statement of the Waccamaw Boys Lacrosse Program

All members of the Waccamaw Boy's Lacrosse Program adhere and model the values within our Mission Statement.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Waccamaw Boy’s Lacrosse Program is to develop student-athletes of character and integrity who will serve as positive citizens to the community.

  1. We will promote pride, unity, and confidence in Waccamaw High School, the Waccamaw athletic department, and the Waccamaw Lacrosse family.
  2. We will place emphasis on academics.
  3. We will practice positive leadership.
  4. We will hold ourselves responsible and accountable.
  5. We will embrace and value work ethic.

Our lacrosse program is built on values that will serve as our foundation. Safety, respect, and growth mindsets are values that all players, including past, present, and future will be accountable for. This will help us to grow as positive members of society.

Safety: Player safety is our first priority. We develop players to understand, recognize, and value their own safety as well as others around them. We encourage players to make safety-conscious decisions both on and off the lacrosse field.

Respect: In the game of lacrosse, as well as everyday life, we must conduct ourselves in a way that embodies strong character. We promote respect in three ways: the game, our opponents, and ourselves. It is through respecting these three areas that we develop as a whole student-athlete and valuable member within our society.

Growth Mindset: We believe that individuals can grow and improve. Our program focuses on the task at hand and the process of improvement, rather than individual ability. We teach players to focus on combining learning strategies with effort to ensure positive growth.





Congratulations to the following 2017 Warriors:





Hunter Lane





Hanes Grafe

Jr. Attack


Carson Homnick

Jr. Attack


Brendan Kowalewski


1st Team All-State – DEF

Lower State Position Player of the Year - DEF

All-Lower State - DEF

   All Grand Strand Team – LSM

2nd Team All-State - Attack

All-Lower State - Attack 

All Grand Strand Team – Attack

All Grand Strand Team – Attack   All Grand Strand Team – DEF




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"Building the Wall - The Foundation For Greatness"

The Waccamaw Lacrosse Program would like to thank the TEAM of local business for their efforts in building a practice wall for our program. The highly organized project involved 9 local businesses and a massive crew working together. They devoted their nights and weekends to finish the project. They donated their time, equipment, and materials. The wall will be used for current and future players to develop and practice their fundamental skills. It is a huge accomplishment, and the truest foundation of any successful program.

Our Team

Jason Best

Best Masonry

Jim Coster

Carolina Pavers

Beth Goodale

GC Parks & Rec

Chris Mohler

Firm Foundations

Walter Warren

Thomas & Hutton

 Todd Bird

Waccamaw Landscaping

 Scott Floyd

Kolter Holmes LLC

 Randall King

Adams Block

 Justin Todd

Coastal Concrete

 Waccamaw Lacrosse

Players & Parents












Lacrosse Tutorials for Players: 

Face Dodge
Dodging from X
Goalie: 6 videos
Catching & Protecting
Split Dodge: 1
Rollback Dodge
Goalie: Arc Play
Split Dodge: 2
Defense from X: 1 Goalie: Saving the Ball
Dodging from Out Top

Defense from X: 2

Wall Ball
Dodging from the Wing
Faceoff Drills