Mission Statement  

The Mission of Waccamaw High School is to provide a safe, nurturing environment that
prepares students to function productively in a diverse, democratic and technological

The Vision of Waccamaw High School is to create a collaborative community of teacher and learners who communicate freely and use technology with the sole purpose of improving student learning. Teachers and administrators will proudly display exceptional student work and awards verifying the great achievements happening in our school. The faculty will illicit the help of community members who will be prominent in serving students and teachers to achieve excellence in education.

 We Believe.... 

  • the success of our students in a nurturing environment is our first priority.

  • education and learning are lifelong processes.

  • every student has the ability to learn and develop.

  • a successful education is a cooperative effort among school, family, and community.

  • all students have the right to live, work, and learn in a safe environment.

  • the use of instructional technology enhances learning and student achievement.

  • appreciating and respecting diversity in ideas and cultures is important.

  • communication is essential for an effective school. 


  About The School  


Dr. David Hammel, Principal

Mr. Tyronne Davis, Assistant Principal

Mr. Adam George, Assistant Principal and Curriculum Coordinator

Overview of School


Waccamaw High School is located in the Grand Strand area of South Carolina. We are accredited by the Southern Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges, and are governed by the rules and regulations set forth by the South Carolina Department of Education. Waccamaw High is located in the center of a growing community. It is almost equally centered between the commercial and tourism industry of both Myrtle Beach and Charleston, SC. As a result of rapid community growth, Waccamaw High has seen a significant increase in student population. The faculty and staff of Waccamaw High are flexible and diligent, always striving to meet the needs of our every-changing student body. Waccamaw High is a Palmetto Gold School 2003-2013, A Red Carpet Recognized School from 2005-2008 and Palmetto's Finest winner in 2008. We have had an Excellent Report Card Rating for the past decade and received special Palmetto Gold recognition for “Overall Achievement” and "Closing the Achievement Gap". We have won numerous team and individual athletic state championships and are recognized state wide for excellence in the arts. Waccamaw High School was Magnum Cum Laude for both ACT and SAT performance in 2010-2012 and The Waccamaw High School Student Council remains the A/AA Student Council of the year since 2005.

Grading System & Class Rank

The Waccamaw High School Curriculum operates on a traditional 7 period day schedule.  Courses are divided into three levels and weighted respectively:  (1) College/Tech Prep., (2) Honors, and (3) Advanced Placement.  Students earn quality points and credits in all courses in accordance with the South Carolina Uniform Grading Scale System. Students' number of quality points and units are calculated to derive their weighted grade point ratio and their class rank is based on the South Carolina Uniform Grading System.  You may visit http://ed.sc.gov/agency/programs-services/131/documents/SCUniformGradingPolicy.pdf to view the South Carolina Uniform Grading System.

Official Grading Scale

The uniform grading scale, as adopted from the South Carolina Department of Education is as follows:  A 90% - 100%), B (80% - 89%), C (70% - 79%), D (60% - 69%) & F (59% and below).  Go to South Carolina Uniform Grading System on the internet to check our weighted graded system.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Waccamaw High offers a significant number of extra-curricular activities from the areas of athletics, fine arts, academic clubs and community service organizations.  The faculty and staff at Waccamaw High encourages student involvement in extra-curricular activities that match the interests and abilities of each individual student.

Promotion Policy

To be classified as a sophomore, a student must have earned a minimum of 4 units.  Those units must include at least 1 unit in English, 1 unit in Math, and 1 unit in Social Studies.

To be classified as a junior, a student must have earned a minimum of 12 units.  Those units must include 2 units of English, 2 units of Math, 2 units of Social Studies, and 1 unit of Science.

To be classified as a senior, a student must have earned a minimum of 20 units.  These units must include 3 units of English, 3 units of Math, 3 units of Social Studies, and 2 units of Science.  No student will be classified as a senior unless they will be eligible to graduate at the end of that academic year.

S.C. Graduation Requirements

In order to receive a Georgetown County diploma, students must earn a total of 28 Carnegie units.  For a state diploma, students must earn 24 Carnegie units.  Those units are specified by subject area as follows:

  County State
English 4.0


Mathematics 4.0 4.0
U.S. History 1.0 1.0
Economics .5 .5
Government .5 .5
Other Social Studies 2.0 1.0
Natural Science 1.0 3.0

Optional Education/
Foreign Language

2.0 1.0

Physical Education
(or JROTC)

2.0 1.0
Computer Science 1.0 1.0
Career Related Electives


Electives 5.0 7.0
Total Required for Graduation 28.0 24.0

2016 School Report Card

Click here to see the 2016 Report Card for Waccamaw High School.